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The New Loving Someone Gay

CímThe New Loving Someone Gay
Közlemény típusaKönyv
Kiadás éve1987
KiadóCelestial Arts
VárosBerkeley, Kalifornia, USA
Oldalak száma269
SzerzőClark, D
ISBN szám978-0-89087-505-6

Mixing anecdotes, stories, philosophy, and advice, Clark offers readers a fully rewritten 20th-anniverary edition of his popular guide for gay people and those who want to love and support them. The new edition brings his readers up to date on the political stands of lawmakers and the general public attitudes toward gay issues, which have changed significantly in the last two decades. In an especially practical and useful chapter, "Professional Help," teachers and librarians, doctors and nurses, psychotherapists and counselors, and others are all given practical advice about how to support gay people in their professional lives. Also, parents, neighbors, and friends will find Clark's words of advice to be soothing and useful. Revolutionary when it first appeared and still absolutely necessary, this book is perhaps the most important work in a gay studies or self-help collection and is highly recommended for all libraries.

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