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Make It Work : six steps to effective LGBT human rights advocacy

CímMake It Work : six steps to effective LGBT human rights advocacy
Közlemény típusaKönyv
Kiadás éve2010
Oldalak száma172
SzerzőCarroll, Aengus
Intézményi szerzőkILGA-Europe,
ISBN szám978-92-95066-06-9

The manual takes the readers through the six steps of preparing a solid advocacy plan. It is a rich collection of practical tools and best practices on advocating for equality and human rights for LGBT people in difficult circumstances and draws on the experience and expertise of ILGA-Europe members over the last 10-15 years. ILGA-Europe hopes this will be a useful aid not just to our member organisations and/or activists working on LGBT issues, but also to organisations and activists working on other human rights issues. Beth Fernandez, ILGA-Europe’s Programmes & Policy Officer, who oversees the PRECIS project and edited the manual, said: “We hope that the manual will inspire our members and other activists to try new methods, diversify their advocacy and campaigning techniques and eventually improve their advocacy. The manual is a publication which brings together knowledge and expertise from a range of activists, organisations and environments and as such is a valuable ‘codification’ of knowledge which today’s activists should find valuable. It is also an assurance that this knowledge will be passed to and built on by the next generation of activists. We sincerely hope that Make It Work will be a valuable addition to ILGA-Europe capacity development work and will contribute towards further social and legal changes across Europe.” PRECIS – Prevention and Empowerment in the Commonwealth of Independent States – is a joint project between ILGA-Europe, COC Nederland and GenderDoc-M (Moldova). You can download “Make It Work: Six steps to effective LGBT human rights advocacy” on ILGA-Europe’s website. Printed version will be available for distribution at our Annual Conference in The Hague (28-31 October 2010).

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