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Armee der Liebenden : oder, Aufstand der Perversen

CímArmee der Liebenden : oder, Aufstand der Perversen
Közlemény típusaKönyv
Kiadás éve1979
Oldalak száma325
Szerzővon Praunheim, R
ISBN szám978-3-88167-046-3
AbsztraktBefore the age of AIDS, the gay-liberation movement, which had demonstrated such unity in the immediate post-Stonewall era, splintered into numerous factions. However, these can be fairly lumped into a few main groups, the two most polarized being those who advocated promiscuous sexual expression, versus those who favored restraint. In what seems to have been an attempt to offend everyone concerned, activist filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim interviewed many then-luminaries of the San Francisco homosexual world in 1978 to discuss whether overt sexual expression and promiscuity were helping or hurting the cause of gay rights. Among the individuals he sought out were porn-film stars, a gay Nazi, and author John Rechy. More nearly approaching the status of spokespeople are the members of the Gay Activists Alliance, the National Gay Task Force and the Mattachine Society and the founders of the Daughters of Bilitis, whom he also interviewed. Despite some moralizing by von Praunheim himself, the film includes pornographic segments, one of which is a liaison between the director and a porn star. There is something here to offend nearly everyone, from the most conservative to the most radical.
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