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Legal gender recognition in Europe : toolkit

CímLegal gender recognition in Europe : toolkit
Közlemény típusaKönyv
Kiadás éve2013
KiadóTransgender Europe
Oldalak száma78
SzerzőKöhler, R, Rechter, A, Ehrt, J
Intézményi szerzőkTransgender Europe,
AbsztraktThis publication aims to support trans rights activists and those working professionally on gender recognition procedures in order to advance the human rights of trans people. The toolkit discusses the current jurisprudence at the European level and the applicable human rights standards that need to be implemented by states in Europe. With this publication, we want to contribute to a development that puts the human rights of the individual at the heart of recognition procedures in Europe. We hope to contribute to the manifold discussions and attempts currently occurring in many countries in Europe to reform or introduce gender recognition legislation that is respectful of the human rights of those it seeks to serve. Many trans people face problems in daily life because their legal gender in their ID documents does not match their gender identity. Picking up a parcel at the post office, applying for a job, boarding a plane or lodging a harassment complaint can become a repeated source of harassment, unfounded suspicion and even violence. The purpose of gender recognition procedures is to overcome this gap, giving official recognition to a trans person’s gender identity. Gender recognition goes beyond being an administrative act: it is essential in order for many trans people to be able to live a life of dignity and respect.
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