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Democracy Deficit and Homophobic Divergence in 21st Century Europe

CímDemocracy Deficit and Homophobic Divergence in 21st Century Europe
Közlemény típusaFolyóirat cikk
Kiadás éve2020
FolyóiratGender, Place & Culture
SzerzőTakács, J, Szalma, I

In the present study we focus on the relationship between democracy deficit and homophobic divergence within 21st century European societies. Our main research question is about how social attitudes towards lesbians and gays changed in the examined time period (between 2002 and 2016), and whether there are any signs of convergence regarding these issues in different parts of Europe, characterized by different welfare regimes, a quarter of a century after the political system changes in the countries formerly
often referred to as the “Eastern Bloc”. The empirical base of the study is a dataset including all eight rounds of the European Social Survey, focusing especially on a key variable measuring the agreement level with the statement that gay men and lesbians should be free to live their own life as they wish. For data analyses descriptive
statistics and explanatory models were constructed by applying multilevel mixed effect linear regression models. Our results show that there are still significant differences between different parts of Europe regarding social attitudes towards gays and lesbians. However, based on our results we would recommend a more refined division than the
East–West dichotomy within Europe.

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