Levél Michael Lakenek a Sziget-ügy kapcsán | Háttér Társaság

Levél Michael Lakenek a Sziget-ügy kapcsán


Mr. Michael Lake
Delegation of the

Commission to Hungary
1016 Budapest, Bérc u. 23.

Subject: Mr Ekers’s visit to Hungary

23rd July 2001

Dear Mr Lake,

We have been informed that in the following days Mr Ralf Ekers The Commissioner of Human Rights of the European Union is in Hungary, and he is meeting leaders of Hungary’s political life.

Before these meetings we would like to inform Mr Ekers about the severely discriminative case that induced a huge public and political scandal involving István Tarlós the mayor of District #3 in Budapest and the organisers of Pepsi Island festival.

We understand that Mr Ekers is also meeting you. We kindly ask your help in informing him by handing over our letter to him,  which we are enclosing.

Yours sincerely,

László Mocsonaki
Chair, Háttér Support Society for Gays and Lesbians in Hungary